What is National Insurance Awareness Day – and Should You Care?

Many of you (perhaps including our own clients) are not aware that June 28 is National Insurance Awareness day. That’s OK, you’re not exactly out of the loop. As it is, this special “holiday” is not widely publicized. Even people in the insurance industry cannot point to an exact date, time or circumstance of its origins.  

Nonetheless, National Insurance Awareness day has a very important purpose, for the benefit of both the insured and non-insured. It is meant to encourage everyone to review their existing insurance policies, whether its life insurancehomeowners insuranceauto insurance, business insurance – or all! If you are not yet covered for anything, then now is the perfect time to consider which product is right for you.  

Going over your insurance policies may seem time-consuming and tedious – and it could be, depending on how much your needs have evolved. Major life changes, such as getting married, having children, buying your first car and home, and switching jobs (or finding yourself without one), affect your current financial capacity. It makes sense to also make adjustments in your insurance policies, tools that serve to help you become financially prepared for the future and unfortunate events.  

This is why we advise our clients to give us a call, not only during National Insurance Awareness day, but on any day they have questions or feel the amount they are covered for should be re-evaluated. Apart from coverage and benefits, you will also talk about your premiums, beneficiaries, and at times maturity dates. You might also want to inquire about new products and services that your insurance company or provider has rolled out since you first purchased your policy. It never hurts to check what’s out there, especially if your family’s future is at stake.  

National Awareness Insurance Day may not be on everyone’s minds – and that’s fine, as long as you, as the insured, are taking care of your responsibilities and have a good understanding of what your insurance policies are doing for you. Our phone lines are always open to you should you want to discuss more possibilities and options for your financial security.