Three Easy Ways to Prepare for the Unexpected This Summer

Being an insurance agent has given me the opportunity to speak with and help families who find themselves in the throes of unexpected tragedies and financial challenges. During the summer in Texas (where temperatures can get very hot very quickly), heat-related health issues and deaths are common. I’ve heard stories of heat strokes and heart attacks turning fatal, with families losing breadwinners in what feels like a blink of an eye. Boating accidents are also more common than you think.  

The relief that a life insurance policy provides makes a huge difference to families, not only during the grieving period, but most notably as they move forward in life without their loved ones. I always feel a tremendous sadness for uninsured families whose grief is compounded by worries of the impending future – and how to cope financially.    

Traveling is also very common during the summer and can pose dangers. Vehicular mishaps rise during summer due to a number of factors, and if you do not have auto insurance that covers your needs properly, then you risk incurring additional financial burdens.  

At home, you may have visitors staying over for the summer, and if by some unfortunate circumstance, something in your home causes them injury, you could be held liable for the medical fees. This may sound absurd now, but trust me, this happens more than you think – and when you least expect it! Liability protection under your homeowners insurance can help take care of such expenses, and protect you and your family from shouldering unnecessary costs.  

As a family man myself, I know that I, like you, do everything I can to make sure that my loved ones are safe and secure, whatever season or time of the year it may be. Summer is a wonderful time to make memories, and you can do it with peace of mind when you have the right tools to ensure your financial preparedness. Let us help you with yours. Call us today.