This Fall, Consider Insurance as Financial Fallback

September 22 marked the first day of Fall. In many parts of the country leaves are turning beautiful red, orange and yellow hues. It is a sight to behold. I know it puts me in a contemplative mood – looking back at the months that have passed, and reflecting upon what’s left to do as another year winds down.

These days, my mind is filled with thoughts of what’s important to me: my family and my goals. As an insurance agent, setting priorities straight and making appropriate action plans comes naturally to me. Every time I meet with clients, I take them through the same process, prompting them to contemplate their life goals, whether they’re a young professional, an entrepreneur, a newlywed or a family man like me. Many are able to articulate what they want, but not all are always aware of what insurance product they need to sustain their lifestyle and protect their family.

That’s understandable. We work hard so that we can comfortably provide for ourselves and our loved ones. We budget our income so that all needs are covered. Sometimes we spend on leisurely things. When it comes to preparing for unexpected emergencies or loss though, not everyone has the confidence to say they have a life insurance policy that can come to their family’s rescue. It’s simply not in their radar.

So now that leaves are changing, perhaps it is also time for a change in perspective. I urge you all to reflect on what’s important to you and what you are doing to protect it. Call us today and we’ll gladly discuss with you how a solid insurance policies can not only be life-changing, but also life-saving.