Customer Testimonials

Good Morning Jon, I want you to know I was extremely satisfied with my last claim. The car accident was a bad situation and scary. Allstate came in on a shining white horse and gave us peace of mind. Every year when it is time to renew my insurance I think to myself there has to be cheaper insurance coverage out there and I need to do some research. I then remember the old saying "You get what you pay for". Allstate may be slightly higher but having a dependable, reliable company behind you in a time of crisis is in the words of Mastercard "Priceless" — Vera

Jon, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all you have done in helping Adam and I get everything set up. As first time home owners we have a lot of questions and are often confused about home/auto insurance is supposed to work. However, you and your staff are always so helpful and accommodating and I am very grateful that we chose Allstate! I hope you’re having a wonderful Holiday Season! —Katti

Thank You John Derrick cuz You have saved Anita and I From alot of heartache and pain. With incredible people like Eden King working for you, you can’t go wrong! Quality people and quality insurance. I would also like to thank Andrea Grimland and her expert advice. May God Bless you and Your business. —Mark

It has always been a pleasure doing business with your office. All of you do a great job for me no matter what Challenges I face. I have been with your office going on 12 years now and not one time have I thought about moving my business. Keep up the good work team.. Many blessing to all of you. —Joe

I have been with Allstate for many years and several different agents. Jon Derrick and his staff have provided me with the products that suit my needs and are always available to answer my questions, going above and beyond the scope of their "duties". Other insurance agencies boast that they can save me money with their products, but I’m not even tempted to change agencies. Besides, if I changed agencies I wouldn’t have Jon and his expert staff to assist me. Thanks Jon, Eden and everyone else at your agency! You’re the best! —Melodey

Customer Survey Responses:

This is an excellent Agency; they are great!  I, truly, cannot think of anything they are not already doing. — Anonymous

They do a great job for me.  I had several occasions where I needed assistance and Jon Derrick got personally  involved.     – – Anonymous

The one thing I have with my coverage is Jon Derrick. I am not so concerned about Allstate, State Farm or any other name. Just as you recently proved on my claim, people do business with people and not companies because we don’t want to get lost in the system. I have never been lost as long as I have been with you. I truly value relationships and I especially value yours. I appreciate how you have always helped me and my family. — Anonymous