Social Mission

The Social Mission of the Derrick Agency

The Derrick Agency is extremely excited about our new opportunities to benefit others, while continuing to serve our insurance customers with excellence. We have always believed in using our business to make a positive impact in the world.

Christian Relief Fund (CRF)

One group we work with and support is Christian Relief Fund (CRF). CRF is a growing mission organization that is involved in feeding programs, life skills programs, and disaster relief efforts around the world. They work in countries such as Honduras, the Philippines, Mexico, Cuba, Kenya, Rwanda, Liberia and other African nations. All of CRF’s work is done with empowerment in mind. They believe that people need to be empowered to help themselves improve their situation, rather than just being given handouts that act as a temporary band-aid and ultimately lead to dependence. If you want to learn more about CRF you can visit

Through CRF, Jon has been working in a poor neighborhood in Saltillo, Mexico for over six years. In 2011, Jon and his son, Andy, started a Sponsor a Child program in this neighborhood of Saltillo. The purpose of the program is to encourage the children of this poor neighborhood to continue their education, when it is often the norm to drop out at a young age. “Sponsors” provide money monthly to support a child by paying for school fees, buy backpacks, school supplies, and uniforms, and provide these families with food and other groceries four to five times a year. Many kids drop out because their family cannot afford to pay the school fee or buy the uniforms and school supplies needed for their child to attend school. Additionally, many drop out to work because their families need extra money. We hope to offset these needs through our program, while showing the kids the importance of continuing their education. In March 2014, we opened a community center in Saltillo to provide tutoring, classes teaching English, Spanish, geography, science, computer, art, etc…. to the children and their families in our program.

Spreading Hope
in Dallas/Fort Worth

After helping in other countries for a number of years, we have also had our eyes opened to the great need around us at home. There is great human need all around us, whether in a “developing” country or in the United States. We may find ourselves in different physical conditions and situations, but at the core we really are all the same. We all have problems, pains, and disappointments. Every human heart longs to be loved and all too often we lack experiences of real love. Because of this we have decided to have our eyes open to places where we can show love here in DFW. Some of our profits will be given to people here who are in “hopeless” situations. After all, hope is a powerful force and we all need to be reminded of it at times.

This is a new experiment for us and we are extremely excited to see how we can change lives by doing what we do best…providing quality insurance coverage and service. We would love any type of support from you, whether its purchasing your insurance with us, referring your friends, going on a mission trip, or simply through words of encouragement! Keep checking out our blog for updates on this exciting new adventure! Click here to view a list of people we have been able to help up to this point!