Watercraft / Boat Insurance

When you own a boat you want to make sure your insurance will provide the coverage you expect.

Coverage for the Boat

Physical Damage Coverage – is an optional coverage which typically provides coverage while you are out on the water, launching it, hauling it or the boat is in storage. This coverage provides protection for the boat, motor and trailer. If it is stolen, vandalized or damaged by wind, hail, lightning, fire, or explosion, this coverage will help. Also, you have coverage for emergency service (up to $100), wreck removal and other boat equipment.

You can select a different amount of Physical Damage coverage for each boat on your boat insurance policy. You will select the deductible for the boat & motor and a separate deductible for the trailer.

Coverage for You

Medical Payments – When you are boating anything can happen. If you or your passengers are injured on your boat or struck by another boat while in the water around your boat, Medical Payments coverage typically kicks in. You have a selection of coverage limits at the time of purchase.

Watercraft Liability Coverage – will provide coverage in the event of a boating or jet ski accident. This coverage will pay for:

1) damages to a dock
2) damages to another boat
3) injuries to someone else (including a swimmer or water skier)

Other Coverage

Equipment/Accessories – provides coverage for the anchor, life jackets, navigation aids and everything else that helps you operate your boat. When you have Physical Damage coverage on your policy your equipment and accessories are automatically covered up to 10% of the watercraft’s value. You can increase this coverage for an additional premium.

Emergency Service – $100 coverage is automatically included when you have Physical Damage coverage on the policy. You can purchase additional coverage from $500 to $1,000. This coverage covers labor costs at the place of breakdown for a mechanic or to have fuel, oil, or a battery delivered, as well as, the cost to have the boat towed.

100 Nautical Miles Away – Our policy provides coverage up to 100 nautical miles off the coast of the U.S. and Canada.

Personal Effects Coverage – provides coverage for such things as water skis, fishing gear and other things not considered boat equipment. Personal Effects coverage is an optional coverage and must be added at an additional premium. Also, please talk to your agent about the personal items excluded from coverage.