Say “Hail No!” to Repair Costs with Insurance

Hail season is notorious for pounding Dallas/Fort Worth, causing property damage in different degrees – and financial woes for residents. In 2016, the damage caused by hail storms in Texas was estimated at $5 billion. Imagine the amount of claims filed against homeowners insurance and auto insurance that spring!  

Yes, hail season typically happens in months of March, April and May, ironically coinciding with new buds and blooms and friendlier weather. But before you heave a sigh of relief, you must know that hail occurs all throughout the year in our state. Perhaps not as frequently, but it certainly happens. Just last month, early morning thunderstorms pelted homes and other structures with heavy hail – so heavy that residents believed them to be gunshots or intruders breaking in.  

The Insurance Council of Texas estimated the cost of damage of that hail storm to be $425 million, affecting roughly 20,000 structures and 25,000 vehicles. Affected residents with sufficient wind and hail insurance coverage were likely spared from bearing the financial brunt of repairs. We assisted a number of clients with their claims filing as welland were happy to help ease their worries and secure their finances.  

Insurance policies can rescue you and your family from a money rut when you need it the most – in case of emergencies, accidents and fatality. Your property is an investment that needs safeguarding as well. Check your homeowners insurance, renters insurance and auto insurance regularly to make sure it is up-to-date with your needs. This means covering not only for the possibility of hail, but other natural risks too, such as severe storms, tornadoes and flooding.   

Seasons change. So do the dangers they bring. Don’t wait until the last minute to consider protecting yourself and your loved ones. We can help you get that protection – call us at 817-423-0048.