Saltillo Trip November 2013

Saltillo – November 2013


I recently returned from Saltillo, MX from working with Christian Relief Funds (CRF) education program for disadvantaged, extremely poor children.  We have 62 sponsored children in the program and 63 on the waiting list for a sponsor.


Every trip is rewarding and heart breaking at the same time.  On this trip, we were informed 4 of our sponsored children had decided to drop out of school to go to work.  The four ranged from 14 to 16 years old.  Unfortunately, their future becomes even more bleak with this decision as they will be hard pressed to ever live outside a slum of cardboard and scrap wood shelters.


The positive side of our trip is we are progressing on our plan to open a community center for the children and their families that are in the program. The hope for this center is that it will be a safe place where kids can feel understood and supported; that those kids on the edge of dropping out will be empowered to stick with it. We have a leader selected for the program who will relocate to Saltillo in January 2014.  We are currently recruiting a small team to go as well.  Our plan for the center is to provide the following to name a few:


One on One Tutoring for the children

Extra-curricular activities (music, art, computer classes, as well as, sports camps)

English lessons with a Bible story

Education program for the parents

Life Skills for the parents



If you would like to donate toward our program in Saltillo please go to and make a donation.  Please type for MEXICO in the comment section.  Also, the children on the waiting list should show up on the sponsor a child portion of the website within the next week or so.