Be A Better Driver: How to Stay Safe on the Road (Part 2)

road safety tips part 2

In our previous article, we discussed some of the common road safety tips you need to keep in mind while driving. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced driver, it is still important to always be careful and extra mindful while driving on the road.

Here are more driving tips on how you can become a better driver.

6. Observe red light and stop signs.

Running a red light and ignoring stop signs are two of the surest ways to cause an accident. Not observing red lights and stop signs often result in side-impact collisions at high speeds and even to wrongful deaths.

7. Pay attention to traffic road signs.

Signs indicating one way, wrong way, U-turn, slippery when wet, animal crossing and other road safety signs are there for a reason – to help you avoid accidents.

8. Avoid tailgating and road rage.

Tailgating or driving too closely to another vehicle can prevent you from reacting in time if the vehicle in front of you brakes suddenly. Observe a one car-length buffer for every ten mph you drive – It is the safe distance to allow you to brake suddenly at any given time.

9. Adjust to unfavorable driving conditions.

The presence of unfavorable driving conditions like snow and ice, heavy rains, flooding, fog and potholes should signal you to exercise extra caution. When bad weather occurs, the roads usually become slippery, and the surroundings have low visibility. Anticipate these conditions and drive accordingly to avoid collisions and other accidents. It is important to ensure that your car’s lights, tires, brakes, windshield wipers, defroster, and radiator are in good operating condition for driving especially during bad weather.

10. Less accidents = more savings.

Insurance companies reward good drivers. A clean driving record free from traffic violations and accident history can earn you more favorable rates when you apply for your auto insurance.

With driving, the old adage is true – practice makes perfect. New drivers are more prone to being involved in accidents because of their inexperience and skill level. Veteran drivers rarely get involved in accidents. Regardless of your experience, it is wise to make sure you and your vehicle are suitably covered. We would be happy to discuss your coverage and help you gain a clear understanding of what you need. Give us a call today – 817-423-0048.