Protect Your Home This Halloween Season

Cooler weather and changing leaves means one thing – fall is upon us. One highly celebrated fall happening is Halloween. Many homes are already decked out for the usual fanfare and activities, the most anticipated of which is the ghoulish trick or treat!  

Plenty of planning and preparation go into Halloween décor and dress, but I bet that only a few (or maybe none at all) seriously include homeowners insurance in their considerations. And I completely understand; the holiday is meant to be fun and carefree, after all. It’s a time when we have an excuse to be whoever we want to be, eat as much sweets as we like (if our health permits it or if our kids have leftovers), and go overboard with carved pumpkins, fake skeletons and other horror-inspired decoration.  

But apart from imagined ghouls and ghosts, other (and more real) dangers lurk in the shadows – and sometimes, even in plain sight. Low-quality lighting fixtures, overloaded circuits, or just a couple of candles left burning throughout the night can easily spark a fire and damage your home – or worse, engulf it in flames completely. Having homeowners insurance can spare you from suffering the grisly aftermath of financially picking up the pieces should a fire or any similarly destructive event break out.  

Trick-or-treaters and party guests are also sure to dwell on your doorstep on All Hallow’s Eve. More people means higher risk for accidents in and on the surrounding areas of your home. If someone were to get hurt or incur any type of injury while on your property, you could be held liable for resulting medical costs. Most homeowners insurance includes personal liability coverage that can help you shoulder unexpected financial burdens due to accidents on your property.  

Halloween celebrations can be fun and safe at the same time when you adequately prepare and protect yourself from any kind of scare – including those that can damage your home. Review your homeowners insurance policy today, or call us for assistance and queries. Happy Halloween!