Plan for Your Holiday Spending Like You Would With Your Insurance

We are a month and a half away from bidding farewell to another year. To match this swift passage of time, there is a frenzied buzz in the air – not at all unusual, considering two of the biggest holidays happen during this season: Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not surprisingly, people’s time are spent on holiday preparations, planning trips and vacations, and making all sort of lists. Priorities and focus shift as excitement builds with the idea of joyfully reuniting with friends and families.

There’s plenty of swift spending, too. I have insurance clients who are pretty good with sticking to their budget. They are able to anticipate expenditures, whether they be seasonal or recurring (e.g. utilities, school tuition, mortgage payments, insurance premiums, rent), and prepare for them well enough. But I’ve also met a few who find themselves in a bit of a financial bind – and right at the beginning of the new year, too – because they got carried away by the yuletide fun. Getting back on track is not particularly difficult; most of the time, it just means setting aside more than you used to so that you can get back to a level of financial stability that your lifestyle requires.

It’s easy to get swept away by the spirit of the season – especially if you do not have a plan to ground you. Being in the insurance industry has given me the wonderful opportunity to talk to others about their financial situation, whatever time of the year, and whatever the circumstance. Together, we weigh their wants and needs, making sure to focus on the latter so they protect their financial lifestyle, but also leaving some room for leisurely expenditures – including holiday shopping and merry-making.

Some may think that planning and budgeting this time of year can put a damper on their cheer, but I can assure you that it won’t. If anything, it will leave you more at ease, and free to enjoy the festivities without worry of unexpected hardships.

So go and be merry, but also spend wisely! And as always, our door or phone line is open should you need anything.