Life Insurance: What is life?

What is LIFE?

Life is time. Life is family. Life is friends, work, fun, joy, love, a gift, hard, cruel, taxing and life is death.

What is life to you?  Most of the time life is good.  I cherish family, friends, and faith that God will work things out for my good whether I like the course life has taken or not.  Life is good.  However, life can be taxing and heavy when hard times hit.  We feel great sorrow when we lose a loved one, friend or acquaintance.

In my line of work, as an insurance agent, I constantly see the tough times that people go through.  I see parents and spouses sacrifice to make ends meet for their family.  They sacrifice so their family is taken care of through the uncertainties of life.

In over 27 years in the business I have had clients die at the young age of 16 to the old age of 99.  I have had clients who died in just about every possible way; drug over dose, car accident, suicide, cancer, heart attack, hit by a car, old age.  The majority of the life insurance checks I have delivered have been at ages most of us would consider premature, age 16 to 60.  It is never easy.

I have been able to help the survivors when the deceased has provided for them with life insurance.  I have sat with survivors both of us in tears as I give them a life insurance check.  Tears of sadness due to the passing of a loved one, however, tears of love and thankfulness because their loved one cared enough to make sure they were provided for.  But it is never easy.

If you have not taken care of your family with life insurance please do so.  Whether it is with my agency or another agent and company it is so important to do it now.  We are not guaranteed another breath.  I would urge you to talk to someone.  It is too important to keep pushing off.

Life can be good even in the bad times.  Choose to leave a lasting love message for your loved ones.