Is Your Car Ready for Spring Break?

You have been planning and waiting for months for the time when you can bring your car out and take a road trip. You’ve spent time preparing for everything—the budget, the itinerary, the accommodations. Have you considered whether or not the main player in your road trip is prepared? Your car and its possible effects on your life?

Auto insurance may not be at the top of mind when planning for a road trip but it should be. A trip with friends or family has very many factors to consider, and it may not come to mind this spring, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned traveler. Here are a few things to consider about auto insurance for your upcoming traveling.

  1. What is Liability?

    Liability coverage helps you by protecting you from the cost of unforeseen damages. If you get into an accident during spring break and you are found to be of fault, liability helps to protect you from the cost of the damages. No one wants to hear the word “accident” during the spring break, but these are possible and very real circumstances.

  2. What is Collision Coverage?

    This particular coverage protects you from paying the cost of repairs to your car should you find yourself in an unfortunate accident. Your car gets back on the road in no time thanks to collision coverage. Of course, the collision must be deemed as a covered loss in order to claim the coverage. Spring break is a great time to enjoy, but in the event you get into an accident, this coverage can save you from doubling the cost of your trip, especially if you might not have allotted finances for car repairs.

  3. What is Personal Injury Protection?

    Lost income, medical expenses and other similar things can be reimbursed if you are hurt in a covered accident. Long drives lead to fatigue and is a combination that should automatically be considered for insurance because the two obviously do not go well together. This protects you and your family should you get hurt in an accident.

It is always wise to be prepared for life’s what if’s, and doing so should be a part of the list of preparations and plans for a road trip. Wouldn’t you feel better—and safer—during a long drive if these and more were taken care of in advance? And wouldn’t you be able to enjoy your road trip better if you knew you had nothing to worry about?

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