Insurance To Help You Weather The Storm

One year has passed since Hurricane Harvey barreled through South Texas with wind speeds topping around 134 mph, devastating cities along its way. The Houston metropolitan area endured a history-making marathon of rain and flooding leaving the city in a state of emergency. Unlike most common floods, the most affected folks were not just in low-lying areas; to this day, some of them have been unable to return to their homes.

With tragic anniversaries such as these, one is often left to wonder if there was anything that could have been done to spare our fellow Texans from going through such a nightmarish circumstance. The insurance industry deals with risk assessment and financial preparedness all the time, and seeing as we are part of such an industry, you might think that we are used to calculating and preparing for loss.

On one hand, you are right – we have insurance expertise that enables us to give sound financial advice to clients when they come to us for their insurance needs. On the other hand, learning about the suffering of families still strikes our hearts with sadness, with the only consolation being that we are able to provide a measure of comfort by easing their financial burden through sound policies.

We are blessed that experts are now able to more efficiently predict the scale of weather disturbances, giving us the opportunity to prepare as best we can. For insurance agents like us, that is the primary goal: financially prepare you and your family for any event that can compromise your future.

In the case of Hurricane Harvey and other natural disasters, losses are felt across the board. Damages to your home, car and place of business are likely in the event of severe storms. Loss of life is a worse scenario to consider, yet it remains a real possibility as far as Mother Nature’s forces are concerned.

As we reflect back on the chaos of Harvey, this is the perfect time to review your current policies or needs, and better understand what you are entitled to should there be a need for you or a relative to file a claim.

We are always just a phone call away should you want experienced and sound advice to help protect you and your loves ones. Please feel free to contact us today.