HOMEOWNER’S INSURANCE: Protecting Your Place of Rest

Buying and owning a home is a blessing that many Americans enjoy. Your home is a place where memories are made, where you and your family can find rest and refuge after a long day, and where you feel most safe and comfortable. It’s no surprise then that maintaining and protecting your home and possessions in the best way possible is a priority.

Accidents happen. Natural disasters happen. When the unexpected happens, is your home protected? Just in recent months, we saw the devastating aftermath of massive flooding brought by Hurricane Harvey. At least 15,500 homes were reported to have been destroyed. That’s 15,500 families that, in what felt like an instant, suddenly found themselves with no shelter and having to rebuild. With the proper coverage, you can rest easy knowing your asset is protected during something like this.

There are many other things that can cause damage to your home. A water leak from a cracked pipe or a slab leak can cause up to $5,000 in damage. Unknown pest infestations may also do damage far greater than you think. These things can certainly be burdensome, especially if you don’t have enough the funds in place to cover the repairs.

Homeowner’s insurance is a preventive measure you must consider. Much in the same way that life insurance is meant to help you protect your family from potential financial burdens after the loss of a loved one, homeowner’s insurance is meant to cushion the effects of sudden expenses related to your home. Homeowner’s insurance covers damage or loss to your home or possessions from many things like fire, lightning, and hail. It can even protect your home from vandalism or theft. There are also medical payments in the event someone gets injured.

Depending on your coverage amounts, the premium will change, but what’s important to remember is you will have an active role in determining the level of protection for your home and possessions. Our agents can help you through the process and draft some options for you to consider based on your needs and financial capacity. Feel free to contact us today.