Hit the Road, Jack—but Check Your Auto Insurance!

When any of our loved ones go out and drive, we instinctively tell them to “Take care!” or “Be safe on the road!” Naturally, we want our family and friends to take caution and stay vigilant, because heightened awareness and careful driving can certainly reduce the risk of any unfortunate vehicular incident.

But car accidents do happen, even when we have done all that we can to avoid it. Just before the turn of the year, icy roads accounted for the spike in vehicular mishaps of varying degrees. Local news reported that in Tarrant County alone, there were 170 crashes with injuries, 26 of which were rollovers. Even the Texas Department of Public Safety was not spared, with units responding to weather-related incidents in two different locations getting caught in an accident themselves (thankfully, no injuries were reported from those accidents).

With extreme weather there is always a looming risk—no matter how small—and the inevitability of an accident (and the corresponding financial repercussions) is something that responsible car owners should think about.

In the state of Texas, every driver is lawfully required to have minimum liability insurance coverage. We trust that you have procured auto insurance for all the vehicles you drive. If, upon review of your auto insurance policy, there are some items that are unclear to you, or if you have assessed that your existing coverage may not be adequate after all, you should contact your insurance agent immediately to discuss your concerns.

If you are unsure about some of the items on your policy or want to know what other options you may have for your auto insurance, we would be happy to discuss your policy with you. Call us today!