Have A Happy and Safe Fourth of July!

We join all of you in celebrating a star-spangled milestone in our country’s history – Independence Day!  

We are certain many families will be busy with traditional festivities associated with the Fourth of July – which makes it the perfect time to talk about safety and adequately preparing for any eventuality that may disrupt your celebrations. Accidents occur during the holidays too, and it’s always wiser to make sure that you’re not only safe and secure physically but financially as well. Having insurance policies with coverage that sufficiently meets your needs will help with that.   

Families that travel for the Fourth of July holiday are reminded to buckle up, stay alert and observe speed limits. This can greatly reduce your risk of an accident, which in turn can keep your auto insurance premiums from going up (as claims frequency and your track record on the road are factored into your yearly premium computation). However, if you do run into a vehicular mishap, you can — at the very least – rest assured that your auto insurance coverage will equip you with the means to financially cope with the cost of damages and/or injuries.  

Even staying at home for the Fourth of July poses some dangers that can easily turn financially devastating when your house or apartment is not insured. Grilling and barbecuing accidents can be avoided through careful supervision and keeping flammable materials at safe distance, but even the most experienced grillers can sometimes fall short of safety standards. Your homeowners insurance should be able to ease the burden of property damages or medical emergencies, but we urge you to take as much care as possible to prevent any unfortunate incidents during your Fourth of July party.  

The same cautionary advice should be heeded by families planning to celebrate with their own set of fireworks and sparklers. Should you decide to skip the public fireworks show and have one on your property instead, please have a water supply nearby at all times and wear protective gear for your eyes and hands. Your insurance is there to shield you financially, but your mindfulness can just as easily keep dangers at bay.   

Independence Day is a proud and patriotic moment that we can all share in as a community and a nation. A happy and safe Fourth of July holiday is what we wish for every family. If you feel you need to do a quick review of what you are covered for, please do not hesitate to call us for clarifications and concerns regarding your insurance policies.