Give a Love that Protects this Valentine’s Day

And just like that, we bid goodbye to January and welcome February— a month that many of us anticipate because of one special day: Valentine’s Day.

What originated as a Christian holiday to honor a particular saint called Valentinus has now turned into one of the most popular (albeit unofficial) holidays all around the world. While the reason for celebrating this day has evolved over the years, at the heart of it remains to be love.

Love is also the motivator behind purchasing a life insurance policy. While Valentine’s Day celebrates love that is romantic in nature, a life insurance policy is a symbol of your love and protection for your family. When you purchase a life insurance policy, you are helping to secure their future. You are helping to establish a good foundation for your loved ones, so that they may be able to cope and continue to live a decent and dignified life in the face of financially compromising tragedies.

When we think of how we love our families, the images that come up seldom have to do with buying flowers, chocolates or jewelry, which are often associated with Valentine’s Day. There is nothing wrong with giving such gifts during a special occasion, especially since they are also symbols of love, and the end-goal is to make your loved one happy. But most of the time, when we think about how we best express our love for our families, we see ourselves working hard and doing all that we can to support them. We make plans and prepare for the future, which includes choosing the right life insurance product that aligns with our goals. When we invest in life insurance, we secure for ourselves and our families peace of mind and security – gifts that are far more valuable in the long run.

Life insurance is not the usual Valentine’s Day present, but it’s certainly a symbol of love that endures. As you celebrate the upcoming day of hearts with your partner or spouse, may you also be filled with joy at the thought that your daily sacrifices and decision to purchase life insurance will be of tremendous help to your family at a time when they need it the most. Now that’s love.