CHRISTMAS REFLECTION: Blessed are we for the sacrifices we make

Christmas is a time for family, a time to celebrate the miracle of our Savior’s birth. It is a time to reflect on the significance of Christ’s humble entry into the world, becoming human in fulfillment of his Divine purpose to free mankind from the bonds of sin—and death. It is a time to reflect on the true meaning of sacrifice, as exemplified by God, the Father, and his only son.

When we gather with our loved ones this Christmas and look back on the year that has passed, can we say that we have lived full and well? Have we done all that we can to care for our families and others who may be dependent on us and our support? Have we sacrificed and put their needs before ours?

Heads of households are likely to say ͞yes͟ to all these questions. Providing for the family is a topmost priority, and it almost becomes second nature for many of us to forego our wants so we can protect our family and make sure they live dignified lives now—and in the future. The fruits of our hard work go to buying basics like food and clothing, and paying for essentials like school, utilities and upkeep of the home. We also allocate a significant portion of our earnings for savings, and paying for tools like life insurance, auto insurance and medical insurance that are meant to ensure uninterrupted financial security for our family should an unfortunate event render us unable to provide. Oftentimes, there is little left for personal leisures and simple luxuries.

When we think of the sacrifices we make in the context of Christ’s birth, life and death, they take on a much deeper meaning, because we know that the lives we lead now were paid for by His sacrifice, and therefore, we must live it well and in a manner that honors Him. The sacrifices we make for our family in order take care of our responsibilities become our daily acknowledgment of the profound price that was paid for us to live today. The weight of our sacrifices lighten in comparison, and we look at what we have and the time we spend with our families, not only during Christmas but all throughout the year, with gratitude and contentment.

We at Jon Derrick Agency are grateful to be part of your lives as a provider as well, and our agents are always ready to help you with your life insurance, auto insurance, home insurance or medical insurance needs.

May you all have wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year.