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The Customer Spotlight is a place where we are going to celebrate our customers who are doing great things in the world. Their lives, achievements, and ventures may be very different, but at the heart they are somehow living courageously and fighting for something worthwhile. We want to use this space to spread their stories and inspire others to follow behind them and live their own stories.


Donnie Anderson

Customer Spotlight
In February of 2012 Donnie moved to Zambrano, Honduras to help build an aquaponics farm to help feed people living in poverty. Many of these people, by necessity, work in the dump of Tegucigalpa. The aquaponics farm has provided them with fresh produce and tilapia, giving their body vital nutrients that they would, otherwise, go without. Donnie has worked with many different groups on various building projects for the poor and been helping in orphanages and homes for the last year and a half. Recently, Donnie moved to Campamento, Honduras to work on a building program there and develop a more natural aquaponics farm that will work without the use of electicity and mechanical devices. The farm is part of a long term project, which hopes to help the daycare in Campamento become monetarily and administratively independent from Bread for a Hungry World. While being in Campamento, Donnie has supervised many building groups who have come down to help build homes for families living in poverty. “My focus for the past year has been developing and implementing ideas to help empower the Honduran people and teach them to take charge of their programs and neighborhoods.” We are so proud of not only the work Donnie has been doing in Honduras, but, more importantly, who Donnie is. It is for that reason, we chose him as this month’s customer spotlight. Thanks Donnie! Keep up the good work!

Larry Stone

larry stone customer spotlight derrick insurance agency of fort worth

Larry is a Fort Worth native, with three kids and three grandkids. He works for an engineering and landscape architecture design firm, doing business development and project management. Some of his projects include the I-30 bridgework in Arlington around the Ballpark, Tierra Verde and Texas Star Golf Courses, College Park Site Development at UT Arlington, and the Texas A&M Tennis Center.

Larry and some friends have started a home church in recent years that meets each week at different restaurants in the area and discusses the example and teachings of Jesus and how they can live them out in their daily lives. They desire to live in relationship with each other the way we were created to be together. Their group decides together where they want to give and serve as a group. They are involved with the Salvation Army Shelter, CASA Retirement Center, and Ronald McDonald House. The group also plays co-ed softball together, goes to local sporting events, and just enjoys life together.

Larry has been going on trips to Saltillo, Mexico with Jon for the past four years. His desire for our friends in Saltillo is that the barrio would be changed. He wants to encourage locals in Saltillo to partner with us and give our friends living in poverty in the barrios an ongoing presence, that they may see the mercy and compassion of Jesus. He knows that meeting physical needs and educating children is important, but Larry’s biggest desire is that their hearts’ would be drawn to Jesus.

The Derrick Insurance Agency is proud to have customers like Larry Stone who are making a difference in their communities and in the world. We believe that relationship and love is why we are here on the planet and we want to celebrate people we see giving their hearts to others. Thank you Larry for being courageous and going against the norm. You are truly an inspirational person.

Mario Layne

mario layne the derrick insurance agency's customer spotlight

Mario Layne is the inaugural Principal of Everman Academy High School in Everman ISD. Everman Academy High School, which opened its doors in August 2012, is a school designed to give students who have previously dropped or are at risk of dropping out another chance at earning their high school diploma.

Mario Layne is a former star basketball player at South Plains College and Texas Tech University. He also played in Luxemburg and Spain before beginning his career as an educator with stints in Fort Worth ISD and Crowley ISD. Originally from Barbados, this married father of two has been blessed to support a tremendous group of teachers and staff to help propel students to high school graduation and beyond. In their first semester, EAHS graduated seven students (4 of which were previous dropouts), helped students pursue college aspirations, and had several students participate in dual credit and extracurricular programs.

In speaking about Everman Academy High School Mr. Layne remarked “Our learning leaders have worked hard to build within students their capacity to believe and achieve. Our students grow far beyond any expectations they had for themselves because they create dreams, develop plans to achieve those dreams, but also put forth the commitment necessary to execute their plans towards dream realization”.

Mr. Layne wants to introduce his students to the world outside of their own bubble. In the future, the Derrick Agency and Mr. Layne may partner together to expose the students of Everman Academy to the lives of those living in poverty in third world countries. Giving students the opportunity to help others has the potential to be very empowering and life changing, as students learn to think much bigger than themselves.