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Say “Hail No!” to Repair Costs with Insurance

Hail season is notorious for pounding Dallas/Fort Worth, causing property damage in different degrees – and financial woes for residents. In 2016, the damage caused by hail storms in Texas was estimated at $5 billion. Imagine the amount of claims filed against homeowners insurance and auto insurance that spring!  

Yes, hail season typically happens in months of March, April and May, ironically coinciding with new buds and blooms and friendlier weather. But before you heave a sigh of relief, you must know that hail occurs all throughout the year in our state. Perhaps not as frequently, but it certainly happens. Just last month, early morning thunderstorms pelted homes and other structures with heavy hail – so heavy that residents believed them to be gunshots or intruders breaking in.  

The Insurance Council of Texas estimated the cost of damage of that hail storm to be $425 million, affecting roughly 20,000 structures and 25,000 vehicles. Affected residents with sufficient wind and hail insurance coverage were likely spared from bearing the financial brunt of repairs. We assisted a number of clients with their claims filing as welland were happy to help ease their worries and secure their finances.  

Insurance policies can rescue you and your family from a money rut when you need it the most – in case of emergencies, accidents and fatality. Your property is an investment that needs safeguarding as well. Check your homeowners insurance, renters insurance and auto insurance regularly to make sure it is up-to-date with your needs. This means covering not only for the possibility of hail, but other natural risks too, such as severe storms, tornadoes and flooding.   

Seasons change. So do the dangers they bring. Don’t wait until the last minute to consider protecting yourself and your loved ones. We can help you get that protection – call us at 817-423-0048.  


Have A Happy and Safe Fourth of July!

We join all of you in celebrating a star-spangled milestone in our country’s history – Independence Day!  

We are certain many families will be busy with traditional festivities associated with the Fourth of July – which makes it the perfect time to talk about safety and adequately preparing for any eventuality that may disrupt your celebrations. Accidents occur during the holidays too, and it’s always wiser to make sure that you’re not only safe and secure physically but financially as well. Having insurance policies with coverage that sufficiently meets your needs will help with that.   

Families that travel for the Fourth of July holiday are reminded to buckle up, stay alert and observe speed limits. This can greatly reduce your risk of an accident, which in turn can keep your auto insurance premiums from going up (as claims frequency and your track record on the road are factored into your yearly premium computation). However, if you do run into a vehicular mishap, you can — at the very least – rest assured that your auto insurance coverage will equip you with the means to financially cope with the cost of damages and/or injuries.  

Even staying at home for the Fourth of July poses some dangers that can easily turn financially devastating when your house or apartment is not insured. Grilling and barbecuing accidents can be avoided through careful supervision and keeping flammable materials at safe distance, but even the most experienced grillers can sometimes fall short of safety standards. Your homeowners insurance should be able to ease the burden of property damages or medical emergencies, but we urge you to take as much care as possible to prevent any unfortunate incidents during your Fourth of July party.  

The same cautionary advice should be heeded by families planning to celebrate with their own set of fireworks and sparklers. Should you decide to skip the public fireworks show and have one on your property instead, please have a water supply nearby at all times and wear protective gear for your eyes and hands. Your insurance is there to shield you financially, but your mindfulness can just as easily keep dangers at bay.   

Independence Day is a proud and patriotic moment that we can all share in as a community and a nation. A happy and safe Fourth of July holiday is what we wish for every family. If you feel you need to do a quick review of what you are covered for, please do not hesitate to call us for clarifications and concerns regarding your insurance policies.   


What is National Insurance Awareness Day – and Should You Care?

Many of you (perhaps including our own clients) are not aware that June 28 is National Insurance Awareness day. That’s OK, you’re not exactly out of the loop. As it is, this special “holiday” is not widely publicized. Even people in the insurance industry cannot point to an exact date, time or circumstance of its origins.  

Nonetheless, National Insurance Awareness day has a very important purpose, for the benefit of both the insured and non-insured. It is meant to encourage everyone to review their existing insurance policies, whether its life insurancehomeowners insuranceauto insurance, business insurance – or all! If you are not yet covered for anything, then now is the perfect time to consider which product is right for you.  

Going over your insurance policies may seem time-consuming and tedious – and it could be, depending on how much your needs have evolved. Major life changes, such as getting married, having children, buying your first car and home, and switching jobs (or finding yourself without one), affect your current financial capacity. It makes sense to also make adjustments in your insurance policies, tools that serve to help you become financially prepared for the future and unfortunate events.  

This is why we advise our clients to give us a call, not only during National Insurance Awareness day, but on any day they have questions or feel the amount they are covered for should be re-evaluated. Apart from coverage and benefits, you will also talk about your premiums, beneficiaries, and at times maturity dates. You might also want to inquire about new products and services that your insurance company or provider has rolled out since you first purchased your policy. It never hurts to check what’s out there, especially if your family’s future is at stake.  

National Awareness Insurance Day may not be on everyone’s minds – and that’s fine, as long as you, as the insured, are taking care of your responsibilities and have a good understanding of what your insurance policies are doing for you. Our phone lines are always open to you should you want to discuss more possibilities and options for your financial security.

Three Easy Ways to Prepare for the Unexpected This Summer

Being an insurance agent has given me the opportunity to speak with and help families who find themselves in the throes of unexpected tragedies and financial challenges. During the summer in Texas (where temperatures can get very hot very quickly), heat-related health issues and deaths are common. I’ve heard stories of heat strokes and heart attacks turning fatal, with families losing breadwinners in what feels like a blink of an eye. Boating accidents are also more common than you think.  

The relief that a life insurance policy provides makes a huge difference to families, not only during the grieving period, but most notably as they move forward in life without their loved ones. I always feel a tremendous sadness for uninsured families whose grief is compounded by worries of the impending future – and how to cope financially.    

Traveling is also very common during the summer and can pose dangers. Vehicular mishaps rise during summer due to a number of factors, and if you do not have auto insurance that covers your needs properly, then you risk incurring additional financial burdens.  

At home, you may have visitors staying over for the summer, and if by some unfortunate circumstance, something in your home causes them injury, you could be held liable for the medical fees. This may sound absurd now, but trust me, this happens more than you think – and when you least expect it! Liability protection under your homeowners insurance can help take care of such expenses, and protect you and your family from shouldering unnecessary costs.  

As a family man myself, I know that I, like you, do everything I can to make sure that my loved ones are safe and secure, whatever season or time of the year it may be. Summer is a wonderful time to make memories, and you can do it with peace of mind when you have the right tools to ensure your financial preparedness. Let us help you with yours. Call us today.  


Auto Insurance Can Help You Feel More Safe than Sorry On the Road this Summer

Road safety during summer is something we should take very seriously – as seriously as we do our vacation planning, in fact. For many families, summer means increased frequency on the road, whether it be to drive to nearby beach destinations or to the local mall and recreational areas. Keeping your vehicle in shape can help you avoid road mishaps – and unpleasant spikes in your auto insurance premiums.

Overheated engines, unchecked tire pressure and low levels of transmission fluid can wear down your vehicle, especially when you use it more frequently in the summer. Taking your vehicle to your trusted lube shop or mechanic for a quick tune up and oil change before you hit the road is advisable to protect your family from inconvenient stops or pull-overs which could lead to a collision.

The weather can also be detrimental. This is obviously something you have no control over, but there are precautions you can take to ensure that you do not find yourselves in compromising situations. Thunderstorms are common in the late spring and summer – which can result in damaging wind, hail, slick roads, and fallen tree limbs. You can be the safest driver in the world and still be a victim of unexpected circumstances. In Texas, driving in summer can be just as dangerous as driving in winter, as it can be compounded by young, inexperienced drivers, speeding and plain carelessness. To protect yourself, review your auto insurance coverage to see if you are adequately insured, not just for possible damages to your vehicle, but also for related medical expenses, should you or your passengers need medical care.

We want you to enjoy your summer road trips, but more importantly, we want you and your family to feel safe and secure – knowing that your auto insurance is set to the right limits for any unexpected turns. Talk to us today about your auto insurance policy, and we’ll walk you through your options so that you are well-protected this summer.

Thank You for Trusting Us with Your Most Valued Possessions

We take pride in our insurance services because we know that every insurance product we offer helps to protect and secure the property and future of families and hard-working individuals in our community. Each day, we strive hard to be an insurance agency that delivers on its promises, ably provides financial advice, and responds to needs in a trustworthy, timely, client-centric manner. Why? It’s simple: you deserve no less.

Knowing that we are making a difference in our clients’ lives gives us extra motivation, and we are always grateful to receive kind words such as these:

“We have been very happy with Jon Derrick Insurance Agency. They are very attentive to our insurance needs and always super nice.”

– Michael O.

“It has been a great experience so far!”

– Tifini L.

“Good customer service and highly knowledgeable about my needs.”

– Evaline O.

“Jon’s insight really helped me better understand my situation.”

– Jason P.

Again, we sincerely thank our clients for the trust and positive feedback. If you wish to enlist our assistance in reviewing your insurance options and discussing other financial concerns, please feel free to contact us at 817-423-0048. We would be more than happy to talk with you about the best fit for your needs and capacity, may it be life insurance, auto insurance, homeowners insurance or business insurance.

Protect your Enterprise with Business Insurance

Anyone who has put up a business from scratch knows just how much work, time, and money goes into it. Small-scale entrepreneurs are likely familiar with the harrowing processes of applying for loans and courting investors, all for the sake of raising funds for a business venture with proven potential.

Because there is a high level of investment and risk involved in owning a small business, it is sensible to find ways to protect it as it grows. Business insurance allows you to do that when you encounter losses during the normal run of your operations. Those losses can result from a number of events, most notably damage to property, legal liability and employee-related risks.

There are several types of business insurance products to financially prepare and protect your small business against different kinds of risks. Damage to equipment, signage, inventory or furniture caused by a fire or storm can be covered by property insurance, as with losses due to theft.

If your business delivers products (not just services), you can also choose to procure a product liability insurance, which can protect you in the event you are sued for damages that your product allegedly caused. Small businesses and medium-sized enterprises that have physical stores will also benefit from business insurance that provides coverage for business interruption.

Some insurance companies offer a business owner’s policy (or BOP), which is a bundled insurance policy designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. BOP coverage typically includes general liability insurance and property insurance, and is more cost-effective than other business insurance products due to its reduced premium. There are certain exclusions when you opt for a BOP, and you can adjust your benefits by opting for additional coverage.

As with any insurance product, we always advise clients to have a good understanding of their own needs so that the coverage can be tailor-fit in the most efficient way possible. We know that you, as the business owner, know the kind of risks your small business will likely face in the long run. We are ready to offer any assistance that can help you arrive at a sound decision regarding your insurance coverage, whatever industry you may be in. Call us today.

Is Renters Insurance Really Necessary and How Much Will it Cost Me?

When you decide to rent an apartment, your financial concerns usually revolve around one thing: the monthly rent. And rightfully so, since missing out on payments can lead to undesirable consequences, like eviction.

One other important consideration is renters insurance. It functions in some ways similarly to homeowners insurance: it protects your personal belongings against damages or loss due to natural events, fire and theft, among others. Valuable items such as clothing, furniture, jewelry, electronics and gadgets can also be covered under renters insurance.

You may think the likelihood of such unfortunate events is low. However, these types of losses do occur on a daily basis and luck favors the prepared. If you are signing a residential lease in Texas through a real estate agent or leasing manager, chances are the contract you sign will prompt you to consent to purchasing renters insurance.

Choosing the right renters insurance product from the right insurance company can be approached the same way you would when you shop for life insurance, auto insurance or homeowners insurance. It is best to assess (ideally together with your insurance agent) your needs. Generally, renters insurance is very affordable and the premiums do not generally increase much per every $10,000 of coverage. Premiums can be as cheap as the cost of 5 Starbucks coffee drinks.

Worth noting is an advice from the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI): purchase a renters insurance policy with a high enough coverage amount (or the maximum amount the insurance company will pay you for a claim) that can replace property that is of significant importance or value to you.

Renters insurance is a very small cost to pay to ensure financial protection for you and your loved ones. Contact us today to discuss how affordable your renters insurance policy can be –817-423-0048.

What Drives Auto Insurance Costs?

A major part of being a responsible car or truck owner is making sure you have an active auto insurance policy. Auto insurance rates are determined by several factors, and being aware of them can be useful when it comes to anticipating how much you will have to pay – and if you have enough in your working budget to accommodate it.

Since pricing (in the insurance industry) has much to do with risk assessment, there are some factors that come into play, such as the zip code you live in, which might be an area susceptible to hail, hurricanes, etc. The less desirable the factors, the more likely that your auto insurance rate will be comparatively higher than others, as there is heightened risk of damage or loss.

Age is also a factor, but unlike life insurance (where costs are typically cheaper if you are younger), auto insurance rates for younger car owners or drivers are generally more expensive, as statistics show higher likelihood of accidents in that age range (due mostly to lack of experience on the road). On the other end of the spectrum, aging-related issues, such as diminished reflexes and vision impairment, may also cause spikes in auto insurance rates.

Even your marital status can influence premium costing. Again, statistical data is the basis, with insurance companies seeing that married drivers with dependents are typically more careful on the road. However, if your driving record shows otherwise, that can still affect the pricing you will receive from the insurance company – especially when you apply for a policy renewal.

Being a responsible owner and driver in itself is weighed, too. As previously mentioned, insurance companies also look into driving records. Hence, you must do what you can to stay safe on the road, not only for you to secure a manageable insurance quote, but also to ensure you come home to the people you hold most dear – your family.

If we can answer any questions or help you select an auto policy right for you, call us at 817-423-004

Give a Love that Protects this Valentine’s Day

And just like that, we bid goodbye to January and welcome February— a month that many of us anticipate because of one special day: Valentine’s Day.

What originated as a Christian holiday to honor a particular saint called Valentinus has now turned into one of the most popular (albeit unofficial) holidays all around the world. While the reason for celebrating this day has evolved over the years, at the heart of it remains to be love.

Love is also the motivator behind purchasing a life insurance policy. While Valentine’s Day celebrates love that is romantic in nature, a life insurance policy is a symbol of your love and protection for your family. When you purchase a life insurance policy, you are helping to secure their future. You are helping to establish a good foundation for your loved ones, so that they may be able to cope and continue to live a decent and dignified life in the face of financially compromising tragedies.

When we think of how we love our families, the images that come up seldom have to do with buying flowers, chocolates or jewelry, which are often associated with Valentine’s Day. There is nothing wrong with giving such gifts during a special occasion, especially since they are also symbols of love, and the end-goal is to make your loved one happy. But most of the time, when we think about how we best express our love for our families, we see ourselves working hard and doing all that we can to support them. We make plans and prepare for the future, which includes choosing the right life insurance product that aligns with our goals. When we invest in life insurance, we secure for ourselves and our families peace of mind and security – gifts that are far more valuable in the long run.

Life insurance is not the usual Valentine’s Day present, but it’s certainly a symbol of love that endures. As you celebrate the upcoming day of hearts with your partner or spouse, may you also be filled with joy at the thought that your daily sacrifices and decision to purchase life insurance will be of tremendous help to your family at a time when they need it the most. Now that’s love.