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What Drives Auto Insurance Costs?

A major part of being a responsible car or truck owner is making sure you have an active auto insurance policy. Auto insurance rates are determined by several factors, and being aware of them can be useful when it comes to anticipating how much you will have to pay – and if you have enough in your working budget to accommodate it.

Since pricing (in the insurance industry) has much to do with risk assessment, there are some factors that come into play, such as the zip code you live in, which might be an area susceptible to hail, hurricanes, etc. The less desirable the factors, the more likely that your auto insurance rate will be comparatively higher than others, as there is heightened risk of damage or loss.

Age is also a factor, but unlike life insurance (where costs are typically cheaper if you are younger), auto insurance rates for younger car owners or drivers are generally more expensive, as statistics show higher likelihood of accidents in that age range (due mostly to lack of experience on the road). On the other end of the spectrum, aging-related issues, such as diminished reflexes and vision impairment, may also cause spikes in auto insurance rates.

Even your marital status can influence premium costing. Again, statistical data is the basis, with insurance companies seeing that married drivers with dependents are typically more careful on the road. However, if your driving record shows otherwise, that can still affect the pricing you will receive from the insurance company – especially when you apply for a policy renewal.

Being a responsible owner and driver in itself is weighed, too. As previously mentioned, insurance companies also look into driving records. Hence, you must do what you can to stay safe on the road, not only for you to secure a manageable insurance quote, but also to ensure you come home to the people you hold most dear – your family.

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Give a Love that Protects this Valentine’s Day

And just like that, we bid goodbye to January and welcome February— a month that many of us anticipate because of one special day: Valentine’s Day.

What originated as a Christian holiday to honor a particular saint called Valentinus has now turned into one of the most popular (albeit unofficial) holidays all around the world. While the reason for celebrating this day has evolved over the years, at the heart of it remains to be love.

Love is also the motivator behind purchasing a life insurance policy. While Valentine’s Day celebrates love that is romantic in nature, a life insurance policy is a symbol of your love and protection for your family. When you purchase a life insurance policy, you are helping to secure their future. You are helping to establish a good foundation for your loved ones, so that they may be able to cope and continue to live a decent and dignified life in the face of financially compromising tragedies.

When we think of how we love our families, the images that come up seldom have to do with buying flowers, chocolates or jewelry, which are often associated with Valentine’s Day. There is nothing wrong with giving such gifts during a special occasion, especially since they are also symbols of love, and the end-goal is to make your loved one happy. But most of the time, when we think about how we best express our love for our families, we see ourselves working hard and doing all that we can to support them. We make plans and prepare for the future, which includes choosing the right life insurance product that aligns with our goals. When we invest in life insurance, we secure for ourselves and our families peace of mind and security – gifts that are far more valuable in the long run.

Life insurance is not the usual Valentine’s Day present, but it’s certainly a symbol of love that endures. As you celebrate the upcoming day of hearts with your partner or spouse, may you also be filled with joy at the thought that your daily sacrifices and decision to purchase life insurance will be of tremendous help to your family at a time when they need it the most. Now that’s love.

Hit the Road, Jack—but Check Your Auto Insurance!

When any of our loved ones go out and drive, we instinctively tell them to “Take care!” or “Be safe on the road!” Naturally, we want our family and friends to take caution and stay vigilant, because heightened awareness and careful driving can certainly reduce the risk of any unfortunate vehicular incident.

But car accidents do happen, even when we have done all that we can to avoid it. Just before the turn of the year, icy roads accounted for the spike in vehicular mishaps of varying degrees. Local news reported that in Tarrant County alone, there were 170 crashes with injuries, 26 of which were rollovers. Even the Texas Department of Public Safety was not spared, with units responding to weather-related incidents in two different locations getting caught in an accident themselves (thankfully, no injuries were reported from those accidents).

With extreme weather there is always a looming risk—no matter how small—and the inevitability of an accident (and the corresponding financial repercussions) is something that responsible car owners should think about.

In the state of Texas, every driver is lawfully required to have minimum liability insurance coverage. We trust that you have procured auto insurance for all the vehicles you drive. If, upon review of your auto insurance policy, there are some items that are unclear to you, or if you have assessed that your existing coverage may not be adequate after all, you should contact your insurance agent immediately to discuss your concerns.

If you are unsure about some of the items on your policy or want to know what other options you may have for your auto insurance, we would be happy to discuss your policy with you. Call us today!

Long Term Care Insurance: Should you consider it?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Many of us take great pains to make choices that will be good for our health in the short- and long-term. We change our diet, develop (and stick to) an exercise routine, get more sleep, minimize exposure to incidents of high stress. All this we carefully plan out simply because do not want to get sick.

But during the process, does it ever occur to you to prepare for the possibility that one day, your capacity to carry out even the simplest of tasks will drastically weaken? As we age, the possibility of debilitating health issues, immobility and diminished control rises. The Texas Health and Human Services (THSS) cites “that as many as 70 percent of people turning 65 can expect to use some form of long-term care during their lives.”

Apart from age, THSS has identified other factors that necessitate long-term care insurance, which serves as a source of financial assistance when you find yourself unable to perform daily functions like bathing and dressing. These factors are gender, disability (due to accident or chronic illness), current health status (including predispositions to critical illnesses like heart disease, stroke and cancer) and living arrangements.

In a 2014 report, the United States Census Bureau said that almost 40 percent of people 65 years and above had at least one disability, with two thirds of the sample saying that they experience difficulty in walking or climbing. Independent living difficulties came in second in terms of most-cited disabilities among the elderly. Further, Texas was among the states that recorded the largest number of older people with a disability.

It’s wise to take note of these numbers, and while there is nothing wrong with maintaining a positive outlook about your future health condition, there is also no harm in considering what you may eventually need for long-term care.

Our agents are ready to answer any questions you have regarding long-term care insurance, and finding a suitable plan that fits your financial capability and goals. Give us a call at 817-423-0048.

Life Insurance: A Smart New Year’s Resolution

We’re well into the new year, and we’re certain a good number of you are already going through your resolutions list. Some of you could be holding yourselves to what you wrote down, while some of you may be making slight adjustments here and there.

What changes are you prepared to make to ensure you emerge a better person? Usually, new year’s resolutions have to do with leading a healthier lifestyle—like quitting a vice, eating less junk food or sticking to an exercise routine—and with furthering one’s career or entrepreneurial aspirations.

Perhaps there’s also something in your list about managing your expenses better, either by cutting back on leisurely shopping or setting aside a larger portion of your monthly salary. Along this line, is there anything in your list that helps you achieve more long-term resolutions or prepare for any eventualities?

Life insurance is a financial tool that can do that for you. Because there are different types of life insurance out there, you will be able to find one that will fit both your current and desired lifestyles and financial capabilities.

When you go over your options with your agent, you will talk about your beneficiaries’ needs and goals. You may also be interested in learning about additional benefits you can attach to your basic life insurance policy—what is in your best interest, and – how those extra benefits will help you build a strong financial foundation for your loved ones.

Life Insurance coverages and premium costs can be adjusted to fit your current and long-term budget. This and other factors make it affordable for just about everyone. Having resolutions is admirable and while staying committed to them is challenging, the rewards are usually well worth it. We would be happy to teach you more about the benefits of life insurance and how it is a smart new year’s resolution. Our phone lines are always open.

From all of us at Jon Derrick Agency, Happy New Year!

CHRISTMAS REFLECTION: Blessed are we for the sacrifices we make

Christmas is a time for family, a time to celebrate the miracle of our Savior’s birth. It is a time to reflect on the significance of Christ’s humble entry into the world, becoming human in fulfillment of his Divine purpose to free mankind from the bonds of sin—and death. It is a time to reflect on the true meaning of sacrifice, as exemplified by God, the Father, and his only son.

When we gather with our loved ones this Christmas and look back on the year that has passed, can we say that we have lived full and well? Have we done all that we can to care for our families and others who may be dependent on us and our support? Have we sacrificed and put their needs before ours?

Heads of households are likely to say ͞yes͟ to all these questions. Providing for the family is a topmost priority, and it almost becomes second nature for many of us to forego our wants so we can protect our family and make sure they live dignified lives now—and in the future. The fruits of our hard work go to buying basics like food and clothing, and paying for essentials like school, utilities and upkeep of the home. We also allocate a significant portion of our earnings for savings, and paying for tools like life insurance, auto insurance and medical insurance that are meant to ensure uninterrupted financial security for our family should an unfortunate event render us unable to provide. Oftentimes, there is little left for personal leisures and simple luxuries.

When we think of the sacrifices we make in the context of Christ’s birth, life and death, they take on a much deeper meaning, because we know that the lives we lead now were paid for by His sacrifice, and therefore, we must live it well and in a manner that honors Him. The sacrifices we make for our family in order take care of our responsibilities become our daily acknowledgment of the profound price that was paid for us to live today. The weight of our sacrifices lighten in comparison, and we look at what we have and the time we spend with our families, not only during Christmas but all throughout the year, with gratitude and contentment.

We at Jon Derrick Agency are grateful to be part of your lives as a provider as well, and our agents are always ready to help you with your life insurance, auto insurance, home insurance or medical insurance needs.

May you all have wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year.

HOMEOWNER’S INSURANCE: Protecting Your Place of Rest

Buying and owning a home is a blessing that many Americans enjoy. Your home is a place where memories are made, where you and your family can find rest and refuge after a long day, and where you feel most safe and comfortable. It’s no surprise then that maintaining and protecting your home and possessions in the best way possible is a priority.

Accidents happen. Natural disasters happen. When the unexpected happens, is your home protected? Just in recent months, we saw the devastating aftermath of massive flooding brought by Hurricane Harvey. At least 15,500 homes were reported to have been destroyed. That’s 15,500 families that, in what felt like an instant, suddenly found themselves with no shelter and having to rebuild. With the proper coverage, you can rest easy knowing your asset is protected during something like this.

There are many other things that can cause damage to your home. A water leak from a cracked pipe or a slab leak can cause up to $5,000 in damage. Unknown pest infestations may also do damage far greater than you think. These things can certainly be burdensome, especially if you don’t have enough the funds in place to cover the repairs.

Homeowner’s insurance is a preventive measure you must consider. Much in the same way that life insurance is meant to help you protect your family from potential financial burdens after the loss of a loved one, homeowner’s insurance is meant to cushion the effects of sudden expenses related to your home. Homeowner’s insurance covers damage or loss to your home or possessions from many things like fire, lightning, and hail. It can even protect your home from vandalism or theft. There are also medical payments in the event someone gets injured.

Depending on your coverage amounts, the premium will change, but what’s important to remember is you will have an active role in determining the level of protection for your home and possessions. Our agents can help you through the process and draft some options for you to consider based on your needs and financial capacity. Feel free to contact us today.

LIFE INSURANCE: The earlier, the better!

Life insurance is not an immediate concern or priority when you are young or do not have a family. Often, the idea of financially preparing for the future is limited to diligently setting aside money in the bank. Modern lifestyles are also highly dependent on latest technological advancements, and much of your disposable income goes to acquiring the newest gadget that’s available in the market.

This is all well and good, but life insurance as a financial safety net is an incredibly wise option—and an even better investment when purchased at an earlier age, because the premiums (or the amount you agree to pay to keep the life insurance policy active) are typically much lower. This all has to do with risk assessment.

Before we go into how risk assessment plays into computing your premiums, here’s a brief refresher on how life insurance works: life insurance functions as financial protection for your family’s future. This is especially important if you are a breadwinner, so your family or other beneficiaries are protected.

So how exactly is your coverage determined? It’s all up to you. Life insurance companies typically offer life insurance products that provide different coverage amounts. A thorough discussion with your agent will help you come up with an amount that you believe will be most helpful to your family. The higherthe life insurance coverage (and the more benefits) you opt for, the higher the premium will be.

Going back now to the subject of risk assessment—younger individuals usually end up with relatively lower premiums than those who belong to an older age bracket, even if the coverage amount is the same. This is mainly because the younger you are, the healthier you are assumed to be. Naturally, as we age, we become exposed to more health risks, which can be further compounded by certain lifestyle choices if we are not mindful. It is also sometimes more difficult to get approved for a life insurance policy when we’re older, as high-risk health concerns (i.e. heart disease, diabetes) have a higher chance of occurring at a latter age.

There are, of course, other factors to consider when premiums for life insurance policies are computed. But as with anything that could be potentially life-changing, it’s never too early to start planning and setting safety nets in place. If you want to get started on yours, feel free to contact us. We are only happy to help you find the life insurance product that will best serve your future needs.


When you’re shopping for something, it’s normal to take your time going through all the available options in the market. The internet has made it even easier to access information that can help you make informed decisions about your purchase, and more often than not, the brand or company responsible for a particular product is a major consideration.

It’s the same with life insurance. It is still a product, something that you will be spending your hard-earned money on over a period of time. Hence, you have every right to think carefully and thoughtfully about which life insurance company offers the kind of financial protection that best fits the needs of your family.

When it comes to narrowing down your list of possible providers, one important item to note is the stability of the life insurance company. You can measure this by looking at certain numbers, such as premium income, total assets, reserves (or the funds that are set aside in anticipation of future pay-outs), number of years the company has been in existence, and number of customers (or policyholders, as the life insurance industry says). These financial figures are good indicators of the ability of a life insurance company to fulfill their promise to you. They can also give you an idea of how a life insurance company is doing in terms of growth and sustainability. If you already have a couple of companies in mind, you can simply check their corporate websites for this type of information. You can also check to see which are highly-rated, but keep in mind that some ratings companies receive payment and thus may be tilting the scale towards paying partners.

Reputation is closely linked with stability, and is associated with market perception. A life insurance company can post impressive numbers, but at the end of the day, you want a provider that will deliver on its promises in a timely manner. An insurer’s claims history can be used as a reference point, although bear in mind that a large figure does not necessarily mean that a particular company is better than others at fulfilling its obligations. The amount of claims paid differs from time to time, and is dependent on the number of people whose claims are deemed valid and compensable. You can read testimonials from policyholders and beneficiaries to gauge overall customer satisfaction, or ask around for referrals. If a life insurance company is perceived as reputable and trustworthy, policyholders are more likely to endorse it to their friends and family, so there’s no harm in considering word-of-mouth accounts.

A diverse product line can also be used as a standard when choosing a life insurance company. Typically, you can be insured with whole life insurance or term life insurance, but there are a variety of products that can be designed to fall under each of these categories. The life insurance benefits you sign up for should align with your plans and needs, as well as your current and projected financial capacity. The more products a life insurance company has to offer, the better your chances of finding a product that suits you and your level of comfort. Plus, a diverse product menu suggests that the life insurance company consistently pays attention to market demands and is working towards designing products that will provide maximum financial protection at reasonable premium levels.

Researching for information that can help you decide takes time, but it certainly has it rewards. However, if it feels like an overwhelming task or you’re not sure where to begin, you can always enlist our help. We at Jon Derrick are always ready to walk you through the process, prepare life insurance quotes for your review, and provide advice that can lead you to a sound decision. This way, you can rest
assured that the life insurance policy you will take home guarantees your family a financially safe and secure future.

Saltillo Trip November 2013

Saltillo – November 2013


I recently returned from Saltillo, MX from working with Christian Relief Funds (CRF) education program for disadvantaged, extremely poor children.  We have 62 sponsored children in the program and 63 on the waiting list for a sponsor.


Every trip is rewarding and heart breaking at the same time.  On this trip, we were informed 4 of our sponsored children had decided to drop out of school to go to work.  The four ranged from 14 to 16 years old.  Unfortunately, their future becomes even more bleak with this decision as they will be hard pressed to ever live outside a slum of cardboard and scrap wood shelters.


The positive side of our trip is we are progressing on our plan to open a community center for the children and their families that are in the program. The hope for this center is that it will be a safe place where kids can feel understood and supported; that those kids on the edge of dropping out will be empowered to stick with it. We have a leader selected for the program who will relocate to Saltillo in January 2014.  We are currently recruiting a small team to go as well.  Our plan for the center is to provide the following to name a few:


One on One Tutoring for the children

Extra-curricular activities (music, art, computer classes, as well as, sports camps)

English lessons with a Bible story

Education program for the parents

Life Skills for the parents



If you would like to donate toward our program in Saltillo please go to and make a donation.  Please type for MEXICO in the comment section.  Also, the children on the waiting list should show up on the sponsor a child portion of the website within the next week or so.