Business Insurance Protects You from the Holiday Rush

The holiday season is a busy time of year for everyone – especially for the food and retail industry. For business owners (big and small), the rush of shoppers is a welcome scene, as it translates to a seasonal sales boom. The more people you attract into your stores, the better!  

But every person that enters your place of business becomes your responsibility, and possibly liability. You are legally obligated to ensure their security and safety while they are in your store or restaurant – even your corporate office. If any of your customers or clients gets hurt or seriously injured, you could be held liable. Having a business insurance policy that includes commercial general liability can protect you from the financial burden of legal fees or claims that are due to the injured.  

You might think that the risk of injuries occurring in your business premises is low. You may be confident that you have all safety measures and security protocols necessary to create a safe space for your customers. But the holidays – or rather, the holiday sales – can bring out more than just the Christmas cheer in some. Do a quick Google search on Black Friday, and you will find horror stories detailing shopper stampedes and chaotic crowds that compromise the safety of not only your establishment but also the staff you have in your employ.  

Apart from bodily harm to customers (which can hit you with steep medical fees), property damage is a very real possibility. Imagine droves of excited shoppers weaving in and out of aisles, hastily grabbing items of shelves, eager to take advantage of holiday deals and discounts. Again, if you remain unconvinced of the increased risks that comes with the season, you need only to check the news to see how quickly things can escalate from peaceful to panicked pandemonium.  

As always, insurance helps you keep safe rather than sorry. Your business insurance coverage should fit your needs, and the best way to assess that is to start a dialogue with your insurance agent. Call us today to set an appointment – 817-423-0048.