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Summer’s Here, Enjoy Peace of Mind While Playing with Your Toys

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Nothing is sweeter than spending summertime outdoors playing with your favorite toys.  Taking your motorcycle for a short trip in the country, skiing or fishing with the family on your boat, or relaxing at your favorite state and national parks with your RV are all fun and games – until an accident happens.

Protecting yourself not only means having your vehicle in tip-top shape, but also having the right insurance to safeguard you during unpleasant circumstances.

When purchasing insurance for your toys, here are some important things you need to know:


Bodily Injury Liability

Bodily Injury Liability should be the top priority when shopping for your insurance.

If you cause a car accident that injured another driver, pedestrian or unrelated passenger, bodily injury liability helps pay for their medical expenses and lost income as a result of their injuries.

This liability does not include your own hospital fees or loss of income if you cause the accident.  However, it does provide legal defense if you are sued over the accident by the injured party or their insurance company.


Property Damage Liability 

Property damage liability usually aids in covering repair costs if you are at fault for an automobile accident that destroys another vehicle or property which includes

  1. Repair damage or destruction to other businesses, fences, houses, lamp posts, mailboxes, etc
  2. Auto body shop labor or parts replacement
  3. Legal expenses incurred for property damage claim
  4. Lost of income from business closure that your accident was assumed to cost
  5. Other recurring expenses from the destruction

Property damage liability excludes damage to your own vehicle. You should get collision coverage to shoulder the repair costs of your vehicle.


Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured motorist coverage insures you if you’re in a not-at-fault accident with an uninsured driver, including hit-and-run incidents. On the other hand, underinsured motorist coverage comes in when the at-fault drivers do have insurance, but the damages surpass the liability limit of their policy.


Watercraft and Boat Insurance

There are many options to look for when shopping for watercraft and boat insurance.  Physical Damage Coverage gives protection to your boat, motor and trailer during an accident. There are other options like Watercraft Liability, Medical Payments, Equipment and Accessories and Emergency Service.

Taking trips with your toys can do wonders for your physical and mental health, but safety should not be compromised as you go on your adventures.  Knowing you are protected can help ease your mind from worries so you can fully enjoy your time.


See what it takes to get your toys covered. Check out our Motorcycle Insurance and Watercraft/Boat Insurance.


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When Should You Get Long-Term Care Insurance?

This is an important question to ask. But before one delves into consideration, the definition of long-term care insurance must first be laid out.

Long-term care insurance is a benefit to pay for care when a person is no longer able to perform two of the six daily functions: bathing, dressing, using the toilet, moving from a chair or a bed, eating, and caring for incontinence.

When one is in his or her prime years, thoughts of this possibility might not come naturally. But as most insurance policy advocates will say, the sooner, the better. Some experts say buying during one’s mid-40s is ideal because premiums are lower. You are also healthier. Others prefer to buy in their early 60s to pay premiums for fewer years.

The American Association for Long Term Care Insurance (AALTCI), a national trade group, says that in 2009, 50% of longterm care insurance policy buyers were in the 55 to 64 age range.

Some might think that long-term care insurance is unnecessary if an individual is able to selfinsure and has prepared well for retirement. But it may not always be the case because money in the bank may need to be allotted for other things such as expenses or debts, leaving no room for healthcare in their advanced years. Also, not having coverage could reduce the retirement funds for the healthy spouse.

Another consideration in investing in longterm care insurance is your family’s medical history. If Alzheimer’s is part of your family’s medical history, the care you or a loved one might need in the future, when the disease has taken its toll, may best be given by trained professionals. It may help preserve positive relationships and memories with loving family members if they are not obligated to provide care for family members whose disease has progressed, making it difficult and even emotionally painful to care for their loved ones.

Long-term care insurance may be a difficult reality to plan for, but it is well worth everyone’s time to consider, especially while the possible policy holder is young and healthy.

To know more about long-term care insurance, visit this link.

We would love to answer your questions. Call us today at 817-423-0048. 

Is Your Car Ready for Spring Break?

You have been planning and waiting for months for the time when you can bring your car out and take a road trip. You’ve spent time preparing for everything—the budget, the itinerary, the accommodations. Have you considered whether or not the main player in your road trip is prepared? Your car and its possible effects on your life?

Auto insurance may not be at the top of mind when planning for a road trip but it should be. A trip with friends or family has very many factors to consider, and it may not come to mind this spring, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned traveler. Here are a few things to consider about auto insurance for your upcoming traveling.

  1. What is Liability?

    Liability coverage helps you by protecting you from the cost of unforeseen damages. If you get into an accident during spring break and you are found to be of fault, liability helps to protect you from the cost of the damages. No one wants to hear the word “accident” during the spring break, but these are possible and very real circumstances.

  2. What is Collision Coverage?

    This particular coverage protects you from paying the cost of repairs to your car should you find yourself in an unfortunate accident. Your car gets back on the road in no time thanks to collision coverage. Of course, the collision must be deemed as a covered loss in order to claim the coverage. Spring break is a great time to enjoy, but in the event you get into an accident, this coverage can save you from doubling the cost of your trip, especially if you might not have allotted finances for car repairs.

  3. What is Personal Injury Protection?

    Lost income, medical expenses and other similar things can be reimbursed if you are hurt in a covered accident. Long drives lead to fatigue and is a combination that should automatically be considered for insurance because the two obviously do not go well together. This protects you and your family should you get hurt in an accident.

It is always wise to be prepared for life’s what if’s, and doing so should be a part of the list of preparations and plans for a road trip. Wouldn’t you feel better—and safer—during a long drive if these and more were taken care of in advance? And wouldn’t you be able to enjoy your road trip better if you knew you had nothing to worry about?

Call us today at 817-423-0048 for a quick check to make sure you and your family are properly covered. You may also visit for more info on our auto insurance.

Do you Love Life Insurance?

The love month often means that special gifts are on everybody’s mind. What can I get that was better than last year’s gift? This Valentine’s Day you probably showered your loved ones with gifts that were sweet, funny, playful, romantic, and thoughtfulbut what about gifts of security?  Though the special day has come and gone, why not consider giving a gift that will secure your spouse and your family’s financial future? Making sure they are protected for the years to come can be the most thoughtful and loving gift you can give. Here are a few things you and your spouse should consider:

  • The premium payments for life insurance may be a small sacrifice now, but it will be a huge benefit of your spouse and your children. Should you pass on before them, it is a net they can land on to ensure that they will be in a good place financially. Death is already difficult enough to bear, the financial strain that it can cause may be avoided today through the gift of life insurance.
  • You should still consider life insurance even if you are a double income household. Many believe that only families with a single provider should consider life insurance, because the person who manages the home technically does not bring in income. If your family relies on two incomes for all its day to day expenses, the loss of one income can be a burden. Some people think they will simply downsize, but downsizing might not be an option or might take too long.
  • Life insurance isn’t just for the affluent. In fact, if there is anyone who will benefit the most from financial security, it is the average family whose income doesn’t go very much past their budget each month.

Find the right timing when you talk to your spouse. If life insurance is your idea, but you are afraid that the topic might be too sensitive, make sure that the setting is right. It’s not a discussion you can have in passing when you’re driving to dinner orunloading the groceries. Some have found it to be helpful to bring up the topic during birthdays, as one grows older. Make sure you provide enough time to have a good discussion without any distractions, such as kids needing help or upcoming appointments or work.

Ask us today how you can protect those most important to you through 8174230048 and visit to know more about life insurance.

Safe Travels for Young Beginner Drivers

As a new driver, your first experiences in the pilot’s seat can be exciting – an adventure even! Try to recall the first time you slid behind the wheel: the click of the ignition, the sound of the engine purring, the sudden lurch forward when your foot “softly” tapped the gas pedal. This moment, marked by a sudden rush of adrenaline and excitement, can easily fuel a young driver’s confidence and try his or her luck on the road.  

 If you happen to be the parent or legal guardian of a young driver, it’s natural to worry and be concerned about their safety, especially when they have acquired their license and begin to take trips on their own. Accidents happen, and while your auto insurance coverage can surely protect you from expenses arising from vehicular mishaps, you don’t have total control over what happens on the road.  

 That said, there are some things that you and your beginner teen driver can do to minimize the risk of accidents (and help you keep both your insurance claims and premium rates down). Apart from enrolling them in a well-rated driving school, you can also sign them up for a driver-safety program to bolster both their skills and knowledge. Additionally, completing such a program may make them eligible for premium discounts being offered by some auto insurance providers.  

 We also recommend you and your teen driver sign a Parent-Teen Contract, such as the one you can download here. We’ve found that this has been effective in informing young drivers of facts that can inform their decisions on the road, as well as ensuring their compliance with agreements they will make with you relative to becoming a responsible driver.   

Of course, (guided) practice makes perfect. When you do a ride-along with your beginner teen driver, take the time to remind him/her of the importance of abiding by traffic rules – and how doing what they can to maintain a good driving record not only contributes to less road accidents casualties and fatalities, but also helps manage insurance premiums and leverage for even better coverage.  

Seeing your beginner teen driver take your car out for a spin can be unnerving – but it’s certainly a moment of pride and joy. As they embark on this rite of passage, trust us to help you all stay financially protected against unexpected events on the road. Call us today to talk about your auto insurance needs – 817-423-0048 or visit 

New Year’s Priority: Protect Your Loved Ones with Insurance

Our celebration of the new year comes with the reminder that life is a precious blessing, one that we must nurture and protect as much as we can. It’s no surprise then that the urge to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and secure comes very naturally to us.  

 This 2019, what can you do to make sure you and your family are sufficiently protected? There’s a good number of ways you can do this, and it really all depends on what your priorities and goals are. For a family man and insurance agent like me, taking care of my financial health is important. I know that having my finances in order enables me to consistently provide for my family’s every need, which includes having a safe and loving home, receiving quality education, and budgeting for a comfortable lifestyle.  

 Anyone who has loved ones depending on them may find my priorities relatable – but not all may be as knowledgeable about just how beneficial insurance policies can be when financial security is a goal. Some treat insurance as an expense, and thus consider it a burden rather than a benefit. Yes, there are premium costs involved, but much like other investments, insurance offers good returns – best of all being a nest egg that can come to a family’s aid in the event of costly accidents or the breadwinner’s demise. 

We each have the whole year ahead of us, and now is the best time to not only be grateful for the life that we have lived, but wisely prepare so that we can continue to protect it, and, in the process, protect the lives of those who matter most to us – our loved ones. Our doors are always open to you, and we are ready to answer your inquiries and requests for insurance advice. Talk to us today.

Insurance Protects You from Glistening but Glaring Snow and Bad Holiday Weather

A winter wonderland is a beautiful sight to behold every Christmas season – but not when it’s a result of heavy snow storms and wild weather. Early this month, a storm that passed through the country left historic amounts of snow in North Carolina and Virginia – along with power outages, road gridlocks, traffic accidents, and even a few casualties.  

Our city has seen its fair share of turbulent weather systems that have left severe damages in their wake. In fact, another major storm is predicted to hit the East Coast on the days leading up to Christmas, with chances of snow also seen for the Midwest and Northeast.  

Such dire weather forecasts can make your holiday celebrations a little less jolly, but if you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect yourselves with the appropriate insurance products, you and your family can face unafraid, the plans you have made this season.  

While rainfall and snow can make traveling even more dangerous, some of you may have trips that you cannot avoid (i.e. picking up visiting relatives from the airport or making last-minute runs to the store). Make sure your auto insurance can sufficiently cover any expenses should you encounter a mishap on the road. You’ll find your insurance can be extremely helpful in the event the accident also involves another driver.  

Avoiding travel and staying warm and cozy at home keeps you safe from vehicular misfortunes. Still, it would be advisable to check your homeowners insurance coverage as well. If severe weather were to suddenly hit, you want to make sure your property is protected against damages due to elements such as hail and floods.  

‘Tis the season to be merry, but there’s reason to keep it safe for you and your loved ones as well. While we cannot control the weather, we can certainly keep the cheer alive – and winter worries at bay. Talk to us today about your insurance policies and plans.

Business Insurance Protects You from the Holiday Rush

The holiday season is a busy time of year for everyone – especially for the food and retail industry. For business owners (big and small), the rush of shoppers is a welcome scene, as it translates to a seasonal sales boom. The more people you attract into your stores, the better!  

But every person that enters your place of business becomes your responsibility, and possibly liability. You are legally obligated to ensure their security and safety while they are in your store or restaurant – even your corporate office. If any of your customers or clients gets hurt or seriously injured, you could be held liable. Having a business insurance policy that includes commercial general liability can protect you from the financial burden of legal fees or claims that are due to the injured.  

You might think that the risk of injuries occurring in your business premises is low. You may be confident that you have all safety measures and security protocols necessary to create a safe space for your customers. But the holidays – or rather, the holiday sales – can bring out more than just the Christmas cheer in some. Do a quick Google search on Black Friday, and you will find horror stories detailing shopper stampedes and chaotic crowds that compromise the safety of not only your establishment but also the staff you have in your employ.  

Apart from bodily harm to customers (which can hit you with steep medical fees), property damage is a very real possibility. Imagine droves of excited shoppers weaving in and out of aisles, hastily grabbing items of shelves, eager to take advantage of holiday deals and discounts. Again, if you remain unconvinced of the increased risks that comes with the season, you need only to check the news to see how quickly things can escalate from peaceful to panicked pandemonium.  

As always, insurance helps you keep safe rather than sorry. Your business insurance coverage should fit your needs, and the best way to assess that is to start a dialogue with your insurance agent. Call us today to set an appointment – 817-423-0048.  











Plan for Your Holiday Spending Like You Would With Your Insurance

We are a month and a half away from bidding farewell to another year. To match this swift passage of time, there is a frenzied buzz in the air – not at all unusual, considering two of the biggest holidays happen during this season: Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not surprisingly, people’s time are spent on holiday preparations, planning trips and vacations, and making all sort of lists. Priorities and focus shift as excitement builds with the idea of joyfully reuniting with friends and families.

There’s plenty of swift spending, too. I have insurance clients who are pretty good with sticking to their budget. They are able to anticipate expenditures, whether they be seasonal or recurring (e.g. utilities, school tuition, mortgage payments, insurance premiums, rent), and prepare for them well enough. But I’ve also met a few who find themselves in a bit of a financial bind – and right at the beginning of the new year, too – because they got carried away by the yuletide fun. Getting back on track is not particularly difficult; most of the time, it just means setting aside more than you used to so that you can get back to a level of financial stability that your lifestyle requires.

It’s easy to get swept away by the spirit of the season – especially if you do not have a plan to ground you. Being in the insurance industry has given me the wonderful opportunity to talk to others about their financial situation, whatever time of the year, and whatever the circumstance. Together, we weigh their wants and needs, making sure to focus on the latter so they protect their financial lifestyle, but also leaving some room for leisurely expenditures – including holiday shopping and merry-making.

Some may think that planning and budgeting this time of year can put a damper on their cheer, but I can assure you that it won’t. If anything, it will leave you more at ease, and free to enjoy the festivities without worry of unexpected hardships.

So go and be merry, but also spend wisely! And as always, our door or phone line is open should you need anything.

Protect Your Home This Halloween Season

Cooler weather and changing leaves means one thing – fall is upon us. One highly celebrated fall happening is Halloween. Many homes are already decked out for the usual fanfare and activities, the most anticipated of which is the ghoulish trick or treat!  

Plenty of planning and preparation go into Halloween décor and dress, but I bet that only a few (or maybe none at all) seriously include homeowners insurance in their considerations. And I completely understand; the holiday is meant to be fun and carefree, after all. It’s a time when we have an excuse to be whoever we want to be, eat as much sweets as we like (if our health permits it or if our kids have leftovers), and go overboard with carved pumpkins, fake skeletons and other horror-inspired decoration.  

But apart from imagined ghouls and ghosts, other (and more real) dangers lurk in the shadows – and sometimes, even in plain sight. Low-quality lighting fixtures, overloaded circuits, or just a couple of candles left burning throughout the night can easily spark a fire and damage your home – or worse, engulf it in flames completely. Having homeowners insurance can spare you from suffering the grisly aftermath of financially picking up the pieces should a fire or any similarly destructive event break out.  

Trick-or-treaters and party guests are also sure to dwell on your doorstep on All Hallow’s Eve. More people means higher risk for accidents in and on the surrounding areas of your home. If someone were to get hurt or incur any type of injury while on your property, you could be held liable for resulting medical costs. Most homeowners insurance includes personal liability coverage that can help you shoulder unexpected financial burdens due to accidents on your property.  

Halloween celebrations can be fun and safe at the same time when you adequately prepare and protect yourself from any kind of scare – including those that can damage your home. Review your homeowners insurance policy today, or call us for assistance and queries. Happy Halloween!